Over 5 Years of Simulation Success

Autosimul is a research and industrial solution company with the ability in providing reliable, proven, result driven and performance based professional services to clients in Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Distribution & Logistics, Services, Health care, and IT/ITES/BPO sectors.

Headquartered in Detroit - USA, over the last three years we have developed consulting and implementation expertise primarily in the area of Motion & Time study, Lean Manufacturing Implementation, Simulation Modelling, Ergonomics, Packaging and Material Handling Improvements

The team of Autosimul, have aided small, medium and large scale organizations to strategically reduce costs and become profitable by reducing lead times, eliminating non value added activities and work in progress, increasing productivity as well as throughput.

Autosimul, brings a team concept to every assignment whether it involves the application of Lean manufacturing systems, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Six Sigma, Industrial engineering time and motion studies, Layout improvement, Ergonomics, Simulation modelling and analysis, Capacity planning and scheduling or cutting edge Packaging and Material handling techniques.

We work closely with our clients in a spirit of partnership and cooperation. This team approach ensures the validity of every study we conduct. You'll find that our assistance reaches from planning to implementation and right through to post-project support.

Our Commitment

Autosimul mission is to  provide scientific, efficient and result oriented services to earn the trust and respect of all client organizations.


Problem-solving and collaboration. That’s what our customers demand and what we’re committed to delivering. We work with customers at all stages, from the design process to early engineering collaboration to hands-on customer support and on-time delivery. We create superior customer experiences and successful outcomes.

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