University  Development Programs

Launched in 2016, the Autosimul University Development program provides a new model for partnerships between universities and Autosimul to study significantly challenging research topics impacting the 21st century. Outcomes of collaborations are open — meaning that results are freely available, and publicly shared — which provides maximum opportunity for others to build on the results.

The awards program supports strategically important, highly collaborative research projects between Autosimul and leading universities across a wide range of areas within Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and other disciplines where open collaboration would accelerate innovation and benefit the world at large.


The awards are intended for faculty at leading universities worldwide, who will have access to Autosimul research personnel and/or receive cash donations for innovative projects.

Benefits for the Institute / University

  • Corporate – Academia synergy between the institute and Autosimul.

  • Product Development and Innovative Lab setup sponsored by Autosimul at the Institution.

  • Opportunities to support entrepreneurship and innovation through Startup India, Make in India, Digital India initiatives.

  • Autosimul’s Learn@Will enables to increase student's value by preparing them to become entrepreneur.

Our Programs

Innovation and Product Development Cell - Startup India Initiative 

This program motivates the students and faculty members to opt for entrepreneurship and self-employment as attractive and viable career option through innovative ideas. The objective of the program is to support in setting up product development lab in the institution - a platform for students to develop their prototype and access the advantages of startup India initiative.

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