Virtual Engineering

Bring engineers and operators together for interactive and intuitive Virtual Determination of optimized manual assembly processes and sequences.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) solution is an exceedingly powerful solution combining high-end visualization and real-time simulation of product behaviour in its actual size, and allows product operation very close to reality.
Major companies  from the manufacturing industry (aerospace, ground transportation, industrial machinery) use VR to perform collaborative and immersive design reviews, to evaluate and optimize assembly and disassembly sequences, to verify resources and tooling for both manufacture and maintenance, to support documentation and workflow animation/ training.
This helps in detecting contact and obstruction during assembly and maintenance procedures, and enables instant evaluation of flexible components such as pipes and cables.
Measurable Benefits
With virtual reality, you will have the ability to:
  • real-time physics simulation assures realistic behaviour of virtual objects – reliable and proven

  • best in class immersive user interface lets you intuitively engage with your virtual product – no barriers.

  • unique collaboration capabilities enable cooperation on the virtual model between remote sites – no limitations.​

  • powerful Multi-CAD and PDM support for quick process integration.

  • unique massive data visualization fluently uncovers the largest data sets.

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